Monday, October 24, 2011

Support Your Local Independent Nursery Month

Pam from Digging has declared October "Support Your Local Independent Nursery Month" so today I am featuring my go-to garden center---Louisiana Nursery. The main reason I love Louisiana Nursery is the sales! At the end of the year all tropical plants are reduced 90%. Can't beat that. They also have many stores located around Baton Rouge and one in Prairieville. I frequent the Perkins Road and Prairieville location often, but the Perkins Road nursery is my favorite and thats where these pictures were taken.

The mums were so pretty! LA Nursery has so many colors to choose from. Mums look so nice for holiday displays! Don't forget to plant your mums in a sunny spot in your garden. They are perennials so they will come back every year and bloom a few times a year too.

A huge Crotan display! Keep them in a sunny spot and the leaves will hold color; put them in shade and the leaves loose color.

This petunia was the most interesting petunia I've seen. It looks black and gold, just like the New Orleans Saints! Maybe thats why this was the last one. Around here anything that is black/gold or purple/gold goes quick!

Pansies are great cool season plants. LA Nursery has plenty of color choices but everyone was filling their cart with the purple and gold pansies! Go LSU Tigers!

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