Thursday, January 5, 2012

Chicot State Park

Dave and I stayed overnight at Chicot State Park in Ville Platte, LA. The park has a huge lake called Lake Chicot and some of the cabins are situated on the banks of the lake. We stayed in cabin #24 which happened to be by the lake with a fishing pier! We loved the park and will go back in spring. Here are a few pictures from our stay.

This is our cabin, although its more like a small trailer. It has two bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room. The cabin goes for $85/night. The best thing about our cabin was the boat launch/fishing pier located right behind the cabin!

We fished on the pier alot but never caught any fish.

There were a bunch of cypress trees at the edge of the lake.

This picture was taken at another part of the lake. The fishing pier was huge and extends far into the lake. We discovered an abandoned dog at the pier and he followed us around until we got in the truck and left.

Me with the dog. He was so nice! We called the park ranger and reported the lost dog but the rangers couldn't do anything about him. They don't have animal control in that parish so he will stay at the park until someone takes him home.

Next we went to the Louisiana State Arboretum, located inside Chicot State Park. There is a visitor center by the parking lot and beyond that is miles of hiking trails. We spent about 2 hours walking on the trails. We saw tons of armadillos!

This armadillo was digging for grubs next to the boardwalk and didn't even notice us. I was able to sneak close to him and take a picture. The grubs must have been deep in the soil because he was halfway buried in the dirt.

One of the boardwalks at the arboretum.

The best part of our stay at Chicot was the raccoons that visited our cabin at night. We were sitting outside by the camp fire and heard some animals walking up behind us. We got the flashlights out and saw three raccoons! They smelled our hot dogs and wanted us to feed them. We didn't give them our food, although one raccoon climbed on the picnic table and tried to pull a plate out of Dave's hand! They stayed by our camp fire around 20 minutes and then moved on to another cabin in search of food.