Saturday, October 22, 2011

Red Stick Farmer's Market

Every Saturday local farmers meet in downtown Baton Rouge to sell their produce at the farmer's market. The market is not limited to just fruits and vegetables, you can find a grandma/grandpa team selling freshly baked bread, jelly, or pies. I'm always tempted to buy bread and this time I caved in a bought an $8 loaf of chocolate bread!

When we got home, I tore a section off and microwaved it for 10 seconds. That made it so soft and gooey. I need to go back and get another loaf! The bakers of my chocolate bread are a husband and wife team who are retired and started a second career baking. They are located in Plaquemine (right across the river from me) and had a wide assortment of different breads for sell. Once I saw the chocolate bread I didn't want anything else!

Dave picked up another 2 pound jug of honey for $12. Thats a good price considering what Walmart sells honey for. He buys the River Road honey and it tastes alot better than anything you'd buy at Walmart.

The plant vendors are at the entrance to the farmer's market. I almost bought more catnip for Ginger (outside cat) but I passed it by. Looking back, I don't know why I didn't buy the catnip. It was a healthy plant at a good price.....

A table full of vegetables! I don't like any of the vegetables on the table!

The following pictures are table tops in the cafe that kids have painted. I wish I could take pictures of all the tables, but there were too many. They were all cute! The kids can paint better than me!

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  1. I love Farmer's Markets and this one looks terrific. I love the gourds and pumpkin table the most. Red Stick = Baton Rouge...ha ha...nice inside pun for French speakers.

    OK, about bromeliads. They are very forgiving except in one area: they can't have wet soil.
    I suggest small-sized clay pots with regular dirt or crushed lava rock. Get the regular lava rock and wrap it in an old T-shirt, then pound it with a hammer on a sidewalk. It's my favorite 'soil' for bromeliads and I've hardly ever had a bromeliad rot even in very wet years.
    Add a little compost to the lava rock if you want. Always keep the bromeliad 'tank' or middle filled with water. I know it's ironic to say that after talking about rot, but that's what they like. Mounting them is OK, but it causes them to grow very slowly and they need watching to keep the tank filled. Pots are better for those just starting out.
    David/ :-)