Saturday, October 1, 2011

Out and About

Dave and I were off work Wed-Sat and we spent time at local attractions.

Wednesday we visited the WWII museum in New Orleans. The museum has volunteer WWII veterans at the museum and we talked to an 85 year old veteran who served in the Navy and told us lots of stories about piloting boats in the Pacific. He talked to us for at least 30 minutes and even showed us a picture of him and his wife on their wedding day in 1954. They are still married today.

Thursday we went fishing at Sherburne WMA. This is a great place to see wildlife! We saw a Barred Owl, lots of rabbits and deer, and a few cardinals.

We came across this bridge but it was too high to fish off of. It was a pretty place though.

I took this picture on the bridge overlooking the bayou.

This is a sign that was by the bridge. There are several signs like this one located across the WMA and it gives you local info about the wildlife.

We saw these bushes all over the place! Its called Beautyberry and the birds love the berries!

Friday we went to Port Hudson State Historic Site. This was a Civil War battle site that the North eventually captured. The Confederate troops held off the Union for 48 days. Port Hudson was the longest siege in American military history! They have a small museum that has Civil War artifacts.

Dave loved seeing the canons that the Union and Confederate troops actually used!

This is me beside a Confederate flag that was really used in the war. It was so big!

Port Hudson has trails through the woods where battles took place. One strategy that the Confederate soldiers used was to dig deep trenches and fire upon the enemy from these trenches. They were also a way for the soldiers to move around the field without the Union troops seeing them. These ditches are called earthworks and can still be seen today!

This is one of the trails we walked on. Every now and then, we saw a sign telling about a battle that took place at that spot on the trail.

Port Hudson is a great place to visit if you like history, they even have Civil War re-enactments there in March. I've never been to one, but we're going to go next March.

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