Monday, October 25, 2010

Garden happenings

I love Coral Nymph Salvia! When I look at this plant from my kitchen window, it looks like a pink cloud! It has tons of flowers and the bees love them. It has bloomed non stop since I planted it in early summer.

The above picture is a seed pod of Butterfly Ginger. I've never had any of my Butterfly Gingers produce seed, so this was an interesting sight!

The above is my mum that I bought and planted at least a month ago. I bought it with tons of unopened flower buds and expected it to bloom shortly. I was wrong. Its been at least a month and the flowers are just now opening. I think the temperature had to drop a little for the mums to bloom. I love the color! Its a deep red/maroon.

Cosmos are one of the super plants in my flower bed. They bloom constantly and don't require any additional water (other than rain). The flowers last for several days and then produce seeds. I've been taking the seeds and spreading them in my neighbors abandoned garden! I'm hoping to make that entire forgotten garden full of cosmos!

Pink impatiens brighten up my back patio. They bloom all the time and don't need any maintenance.

Here is an updated picture of my volunteer coleus. I'd say its about one foot tall.


  1. The Coral Salvia is beutiful!
    The seedpod on the Butterfly Ginger plant looks like a baby plant; is that what it is?

  2. I'm not sure whats going on with the Butterfly Ginger! I think the red parts are seeds, but we'll see!