Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sweet Olive

Sweet olives (Osmanthus fragrans) are a very Southern shrub. I haven't met a gardener who didn't love Sweet Olives or have them in their garden. Most people plant them because they enjoy the fragrance. Its one of the few plants that can fill up your garden with its wonderful smell.

They are evergreen and grow well in sun or part shade. Sweet Olives are slow growers, but have the potential to grow tall. In my backyard I have an old Sweet Olive that is 7-8 feet tall.

Sweet Olives are big shrubs with tiny flowers. The above picture is a close up of a flower cluster. The flowers haven't quite opened up yet, but they still smell great! They have a strong fragrance that can be smelled from quite a distance. Because of their nice fragrance, plant Sweet Olives near a window, back porch, or walkway. In these locations you can capitalize on their fragrance.

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  1. I may have to get me one; sounds interesting!