Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday update

This is an update on my volunteer coleus. Its growing big! I don't have the pot in enough sunlight so the coleus is bending toward the light. Oh well. I can't move the pot because the bottom has crumpled away and all the soil would spill out if moved. I'm just enjoying the coleus, bent or not.

My butterfly ginger is doing very well. Here is a close up of an unopened flower bud. These flowers have a strong fragrance, similar to a gardenia. Plant them in a shady spot and they will take off. Every year my butterfly gingers multiply more and more. I'll have to divide them soon and share with others.

This is a plant that I haven't blogged about yet--Turks Cap (Malvaviscus arboreus v. drummondii). Turks Cap should have bloomed a few weeks ago, but mine is in too much shade. I need to move it to a spot with more sun. Its just now putting out buds and I hope it will bloom sometime next week. I hope the hummingbirds are still here to enjoy it.

I love cosmos! They bloom spring till frost and reseed well. I have cosmos popping up all over my garden. Cosmos love full sun and don't need any extra maintenance. See the bug on the right side of the flower? Thats a spotted cucumber beetle! I don't know why I have a spotted cucumber beetle in my garden because the only vegetable I have is a tomato.

Here is an updated picture of Agastache 'Heatwave'. Its got a ton of blooms! This is an easy plant to grow because it hardly needs any maintenance. It does fine in drought so I rarely water it. I did water when I planted it, but only so it would get established. I got this Agastache at Lowes and I'm going to look for more of them in different colors!

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  1. Hey!
    Hope you're getting cool weather by now.
    The white butterfly gingers have a hard time in high heat, but usually bloom if it stays below 93 degrees. Why 93? Who knows.
    That coleus is looking pretty.
    David /Tropical Texana