Friday, July 23, 2010

Purple Coneflowers

Purple coneflowers are great addition to a southern garden. They are a reliable perennial, drought tolerant, and the butterflies love them. Birds like to eat the seeds too, so I don't dead head mine.

I got my start with coneflowers from my friend and neighbor Kiki. She had a huge patch of purple coneflowers and was nice enough to dig me up some. She only gave me 3-4 plants, but they have multiplied into a ton of plants! I'm going to divide them soon and give my granny some.

Coneflowers are one of the few plants that tolerate Louisiana summers. They hardly ever wilt and keep blooming all summer long!


  1. Hi Mary, so good to find another Louisiana garden blogger!! I also love purple coneflowers. Right now mine are in a raised bed but I'd like to put some in a more naturalistic part of my yard. Some day. I hope you got some rain from Bonnie. We haven't gotten much - a big disappointment!

  2. Mary, These are among my favorite of the native plants! Tomorrow id Wildflower Wednesday if you want to stop by and leave your url...gail