Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Every year I get mealybugs on my Meyer Lemon tree. This year the mealybugs are everywhere! This tree is at my parent's house in Walker, LA. I'm hoping my dad will soon have time to spray the tree and kill the bugs. The best product to spray on citrus trees is Ultra Fine horticultural oil. It kills any pests on the tree and doesn't harm the fruit. I always wash the fruit before I eat it, that way any oil still left on the fruit will get washed off.

Here are some immature lemons. In the fall, I'm hoping to have a big lemon harvest.

This is my dad's quince tree with some immature fruit on it. The quince is around 4-5 inches long. They turn yellow when ripe.

His trees are about 10 feet tall and have lots of fruit! He grew the trees from seed and this is the first year they've set fruit. Quince trees not only produce fruit, they also make pretty flowers in the spring.

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  1. We, too, have a few citrus trees, but luckily no mealy bugs or white flies. I remember my dad had to spray all the time, but, fortunately, we do not.
    So glad you stopped by my blog. It is always great to find a new Louisiana blogger.

    Always Growing