Tuesday, May 8, 2012


My clematis finally bloomed!
This is Clematis jackmanii and it is a notoriously slow grower, but the flowers are worth it! Clematis is a slow growing vine and is available in many different flower colors. You can choose from purple, red, pink, and white. I've got mine growing on a chain link fence. The flowers are about 4 inches across.


  1. Congratulations!!! Mine is finally blooming too. I have the same variety. Last year, it just gave me a couple tiny hints of a bloom, but this is the year!!! Worth it, isn't it?

  2. Mary, I enjoy your blog. I stumbled across a post of yours from 2 years ago about the pride of barbados and some cuttings you took. I am also trying to root it from cuttings. Did you take your cuttings from a branch that had a flower on the end? It's a confusing plant to know where to cut! I would appreciate your help!

  3. Thanks for reading Phil! When I take cuttings, I use new growth that doesn't have a flower.