Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Frog and Flowers

This morning I saw a frog in Max's water bowl. It's been dry lately and he was looking for some water to soak in. Seeing the frog in the water bowl didn't surprise me at all, it happens all the time during summer months. Usually the frog lives underneath the water bowl and will come out to soak in the water whenever it feels like it.
This is a Plumeria that I grew from a cutting. You may recognize this flower if you've ever been to Hawaii, this is the flower used for leis. I've got my Plumeria growing in a pot and it can't be left outside when its cold. It's a hassle moving it in the shed when a cold night comes along. Then, in the morning, I have to move it back in the sun and then back in the shed at night. It's worth it for the flowers.
The above picture is new flowers that will open in a few days.


  1. My English shepherd scared a leopard frog when she was walking the edge of the pond yesterday. The frog screeched and jumped, starting her and causing her to tumble into the pond. I think there's a war brewing between Ava and Frog now. I don't know what she'd do if she found one in her water bowl.

    1. Our dog doesn't seem to mind the frog in his bowl. He will look at it for a few seconds and then ignore it and drink some water.

  2. How fun! These guys are great. But I'll share a in Arizona it's a bit different. We have the Colorado River toad and this guy is rather poisoness for dogs and they can kill our canine friends so we always have to keep our eyes open for these cool toads during monsoon. Your little guy looks pretty harmless though:)

  3. To cute about the frog.
    The plumeria is very pretty.