Sunday, April 29, 2012

Monarch caterpillars

This is a Monarch caterpillar and will transform into a Monarch butterfly in a few weeks.
If you want to have Monarchs in your garden, go to your local nursery center and ask for milkweed. Sometimes its labeled as butterfly weed, but its the same thing. Milkweed is the only host plant of this butterfly so its important to incorporate this plant in your garden.
I counted five caterpillars on one milkweed! Can't wait until they turn into butterflies!


  1. You are doing so good having a place for these caterpillars. I am trying to get my milkweed going so I can be a host too.

  2. The caterpillar on you're picture is actually a black a black swallowtail butterfly

  3. The black swallowtail likes herbs (dill, parsley etc)