Monday, April 2, 2012


A Louisiana Iris that started blooming a few days ago. I know I planted a red variety of Louisiana Iris but it hasn't bloomed yet. Hopefully it didn't die on me!

Now for a few pictures of the birds at my bird feeder.

I will end with a picture of Mike, one of our inside cats. He is laying on an empty egg crate. He lays on the strangest things. He is a big cat, the egg crate is big enough to hold 25 eggs! Soon he will get a hair cut at the vet's office. I get him trimmed so he will be more comfortable during the summer.


  1. That iris is stunning. Too funny about your cat on the egg crate. Have you seen the "egg carton" mattress cushions? Maybe it's the same thing for cats?

  2. That iris is gorgeous! I'm planning on dividing my Louisiana iris tonight. I planted mine last spring and while they didn't bloom, they've grown like crazy. I'm hoping for some blooms this year. Cute cat! :o)