Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lake Fausse Point State Park

Dave and I spent the day wandering around this state park. It was a nice day to be outside. We started off the day by renting a canoe...our 1st mistake.

We paddled around the bayous near the canoe landing and saw lots of white egret. The white egret pictured wasn't scared at all when we paddled within a few feet of it. I guess he is used to seeing people.

Dave and I have never been in a canoe before and this was an experience! We are used to travelling through the bayous in a jon boat (aluminum boat with wide belly for stability). Canoes are wobbly and the complete opposite of a jon boat. We almost tipped the canoe over trying to get out!

We returned the canoe and headed out for the wooded hiking trails.

I brought a can of OFF insect spray with us, but decided not to apply any. The last few days have been chilly (morning temps in 50's) and I thought that the cold temps had killed off any remaining 2nd mistake.

At the trail head we stopped to get trail maps so we would know how long each trail was. I see a bottle of OFF insect repellant, but choose not to apply bug 3nd mistake. I soon found out that the cold weather didn't kill off any mosquitoes! At this point we are too far from the trail head to go back and apply bug spray. I figure out that as long as I keep walking, the mosquitoes can't bite me.

The few seconds I stopped walking to snap these pictures, my legs were swarming with mosquitoes! Wish I had brought bug spray with me....

Seeing this alligator was the highlight of our day! I spotted the alligator and Dave took the picture. He was around 2 feet long and appeared to be sleeping. He didn't move at all while we observed him.

I don't know what the bumps are on this tree trunk, but it looked neat so I took a picture!

Dave and I had a great time at Lake Fausse Point State Park and plan to return in a few months when the weather is cooler and the mosquitoes are gone. We will also rent a cabin facing the bayou and fish off the boat dock.


  1. Mary,
    The tree is a Hackberry or sometimes called a Sugarberry; the bark is natural to the tree.

  2. Hi Mary. Love these pics. We did a family trip there once and stayed at the last cabin. The mosquitoes down our bayou are reminiscent of the ones we always get after a hurricane, compliments of the rains from TS Lee, no doubt. The parish has even contemplated spraying from planes, which I hate. I mean, how does that spray know not to kill all the beneficial bugs? We have our fair share of Hackberry trees down here, too! Ask your dad for me if he has ever seen a Toothache tree? I think the bumps are very similar and can be scraped off and chewed for the pain! Gotta love Folk Medicine!

  3. Yes Dad is familiar with the Toothache tree. He also mentioned using the bark as a toothache remedy!