Monday, August 22, 2011

Its Hot

Not much has been going on in my garden, mainly because its so hot and my plants aren't doing much. Day time highs in the 90's and lows in the 70's make things pretty uncomfortable. I'm waiting for October to get here!

A few plants are still going strong and one of them is my Indigo Spires Salvia. It never stops blooming no matter how hot it gets.

Another die hard plant is Gaillardia. Its a low grower but blooms all the time.

I'll write more blog posts when it cools down and we begin our camping/fishing/hiking/outdoor fun season. Can't wait until fall gets here!


  1. Hi Mary,
    According to the radar, your state wins the RAIN lottery this time. wow! Enjoy! :-0
    David :-)

  2. I have plants similar to this Salvia, but mine have red flowers and I had identified them as Scarlet Sage. Can you verify? The leaves do look very similar. Does this one propagate prolifically by spreading its own seed after blossoms are spent?

  3. Scarlet Sage is another type of Salvia. Salvias are my favorite type of plant because they come in so many different sizes and colors. My salvia here is a perennial salvia and I've never had seedlings sprout from seeds. Its usually propagated by cuttings.