Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Red Gailardia

Gailarida-also called Blanket Flower-is one of my top perennials for Louisiana. This plant can endure our hot summers and it blooms continually all summer. What more could you ask for? In my opinion, Gailarida's best quality is its drought tolerance. The last thing I want to do is haul the hose out amid 90 degree temps and water plants. Gailarida only gets water when it rains and its fine with that.

Gailardia doesn't grow very tall (about 1 foot) but is does grow wide (about 2 feet across). Its growth habit is "floppy" meaning it likes to lay across neighboring plants. I don't mind, it gives the garden a casual cottage feel.

All you need to grow Gailardia is full sun and a moderate amount of space. I'd say a 2 foot circle for each plant should be adequate. Gailarida is available in a few different colors-- my favorite is 'Red and Yellow' and there is a yellow variety called 'Oranges and Lemons'.

I will end with a picture of my outside cat Ginger. She loves laying beside the catnip (on the left side of the picture). Sometimes I pinch off a few catnip leaves for my inside cats and they love it!


  1. I'm glad you found my blog, please do stop by anytime. I love blanket flower and haven't a clue why I don't have any, sigh.

  2. Hi Mary,
    I have never planted any Gailardia but by what you are saying about them and how they seem to do really good in your garden, I might plant a few along my drive next spring.
    What regards the watering and not wanting to pull out the hose in this heat so I can understand you very well. The drought we are having here in Houston and the temperatures in the lower 100's is just unusual for this time of the year. Where are our daily rain showers, our almost daily little thunder storms? And God, what is July and August supposed to look like since we are already having July temperatures?

    Happy Gardening and Best Regards from TX to LA
    Paula Jo

  3. I need to try some! I didn't know it came in solid red. That's nice.
    Love that cat show. We have a gray tabby that loves catnip as well.
    David/ :-) Houston

  4. Hi Mary! What a great blog for those of us who don't have a green thumb down here in South Louisiana and need a little help! Where might I bug some of these gorgeous Blanket Flowers? I am so glad to have found your blog and thank you so very much for linking to my blog. Your site will be a great resource for us all! Bayou Woman