Thursday, June 23, 2011


Yesterday we got over 2 inches of rain and my plants look so good!

This is Crocosmia 'Lucifer' and this is its first flower of the year.

Another plant that is blooming now is my Milkweed. Its producing lots of flowers which make lots of seed pods. I've been spreading the Milkweed seeds in my neighbor's empty garden patch in hopes that they will reseed.

Here is Ginger, she loves to walk around the garden with me!

Finally, here is Max. He loves to chase Ginger around the yard, but I think he secretly likes her.


  1. My goodnes, your garden is looking great. I especially like that black-eyed susan bed. You have some good helpers there!
    We got 1.10 yesterday and woke up to .15" more this morning.
    David/ Houston

  2. Granny wants some milkweed seed.

  3. Your garden looks great! I also have the milkweed (a. curra) but grow it as an annual since it dies in our winters. My dogs are also garden "helpers", although their idea of helping is usually quite diffefrent from mine!

  4. We finally got some rain last week and it made all the difference in the world. My garden looked like as actually it is supposed to look like. Unfortunately the rain was only for one day and it seems we are back to the drought and heat and the daily watering.
    your garden looks just great and it seems your plants were taking the heat and drought pretty good.
    Your doggie looks soooooo cute. :)
    Best Wishes
    Paula Jo