Thursday, April 7, 2011

LSU Azaleas

I hope you enjoy the beautiful azaleas on LSU's campus!

A Southern garden wouldn't be complete without a few azalea bushes. They are very popular in the Baton Rouge, LA area and are in full bloom in late March or early April. Azaleas are easy to grow, they like parital sun and acidic soil (low pH).

The azaleas pictured in this post are Formosa Azaleas. Of all the azalea varieties, the Formosa are the largest growing and are what people normally think of when you mention an azalea bush. They come in a few different colors, as you'll see in my pictures.

This is a view down one of LSU's streets. I've walked down this road many times on my way to class.

I believe this solid white azalea is a G.G. Gerbing.

I'm pretty sure this is a George Tabor azalea.

The above picture was taken from the Quad, its a gathering area that connets several different buildings and people relax here when they don't have class.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, makes me homesick. :) Can you tell me what kind of trees those are in the Quad? Thank you.