Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Garden Pictures

Yikes! Its been a long time since I posted a blog...not much happening right now to blog about. Its summer time in Louisiana and I've been staying indoors mostly. I'm ready for fall! Here's some pictures of my garden.
This is two peanut plants growing in a big pot. We had to put chicken wire around the pot because our outside cat Ginger kept getting in the pot. I hope they make lots of peanuts because Dave loves to eat peanuts.
This is a hummingbird magnet if there were still hummingbirds in my yard. Last year they loved this plant, and now they are gone. Haven't seen a hummingbird in a long time. I ordered this plant from a mail order site, High Country Gardens. They mostly sell plants that are drought tolerant. I never have to water this plant, only gets water when it rains.
My butterfly bush is huge! Its about 6 feet tall. Has tons of flowers on it but I haven't seen many butterflies on it. Butterflies and hummingbirds are scarce in my yard. I guess they are in someone else's garden...
This is a close up of the flower. If you're wondering what variety it is, its Nanho Blue. The flowers aren't blue, they are light purple.
My milkweed plants are doing great! Blooming like crazy. I haven't seen any monarch caterpillars yet, but they will come in time. Did you know that milkweed is the host plant for monarch butterflies? That means they only lay eggs on milkweed plants. Its important to have milkweed in your garden if you want monarch butterflies around!
Purple coneflowers are doing OK now. I need to dig it up and move it away from the milkweed and butterfly bush. You can't tell from the picture, but its getting squashed between the two plants!
Now to Dave's section of the garden. He grows spicy peppers and this one is Mucho Nacho Jalapeno. We have tons of this one. He has several more pepper plants but I didn't get pictures of all of them. Pepper plants are boring....
Banana peppers look about ready to pick. This pepper plant isn't spicy.
I put flea medicine on Max this morning and he ran out and tried to rub it off. Its been hot so he spends most of his time under the shed in the shade.
I will end with a picture of Ginger. She likes to sleep under the shed too!

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  1. Love your pictures and the story that goes along with it! See you Friday, Mom : )