Friday, July 8, 2011

Atchafalaya Basin Fishing Trip

This morning we went fishing in Bayou Sorrell near Plaquemine, LA in the Atchafalaya Basin Spillway. I love going to the Spillway because of the beautiful scenery. There are plenty of bald cypress trees (state tree of LA) and lots of wildlife.

The above picture was our first fishing spot but the boat couldn't pass since the bayou was choked with water lilies.

See the dark stains on the bottom of the tree trunk? Thats from high water when the Spillway was opened to relieve the flooding of the Mississippi River.

Front and back view of an old houseboat.

This is an Egret and we saw these brids all day. They sit on a log and wait for minnows to swim by and strike at them with their long beaks.

These are my new water shoes, they are Keen McKenzies and are good for fishing or canoeing because water drains out but no rocks can go in.

After several hours of fishing and not even one bite, we went home. We had fun just being out in the Spillway.


  1. Hey Mary,
    glad you still had a great time although you couldn't catch anything. We finally got to go fishing past Sunday night at lake Livingston for a few hours. We caught 6 catfish but none of them were keepers. I guess it's just too hot and the bigger ones are sitting in the deeper holes.

    Anyway, the pictures you posted are awesome and make me wanting to go on a kayak trip. Something we had planned on doing for almost 2 years and never got a chance yet. We always have loved the beautiful scenery and watching the wildlife along the bayous, rivers or even creeks.

    Have you seen any gators? i would think as warm as it is they should be laying along the banks getting their sun tan.

  2. Oh, I am coveting your Keen's! The photos of the basin look very similar to some of the places I fish around here! I am loving your blog! BW

  3. Would that be the walls camp.... Looks very similar .i am a good friend of there's. Just curious that's all!!!!!!