Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Autumn Sage

Autumn sage (Salvia greggii) is a new plant in my garden. I picked it up at Lowes for $3! Thats really cheap for a one gallon pot and I couldn't pass it up. I planted it a few months ago and its doing great, despite the awful heat and humidity. It is fairly drought tolerant, which is a characteristic that I always look for in plants.

This plant is actually a member of the Salvia family. Most salvias are somewhat drought tolerant and Autumn sage seems to be one of them. I've got it planted in full sun and it hasn't wilted once.

Salvias should be included in every butterfly and hummingbird garden. They are good nectar sources and they bloom all summer long!


  1. Wow, yours looks so much healthier than mine! Do you fertilize it? Mine is on a meager diet...just dirt!

    Hey, I answered your agave dryscape question in some detail over at my blog.
    Keep up the great pics and garden scenes.
    David & Melanie (Tropical Texana)

  2. Yes I use an all purpose fertilizer. It just stopped blooming and I dead headed it this morning to encourage new flowers. This is the first time I've planted Autumn Sage and I love it!